During the Bright Cup press conference scene in Coffee Crash, the character Matthew Cochran mentions "espresso-bean-and-chocolate-chip cookies." In reality, there's no such thing as an "espresso bean." But then, marketers have never been bound by reality.

Espresso is a method of preparing coffee, not a specific type of bean or even a particular level of roast. Espresso can be prepared using virtually any coffee beans that have been finely-ground. Therefore, the term "espresso bean" is something of an oxymoron. Not only don't "espresso beans" exist, they can't exist. Yet the term "espresso bean" persists, primarily in the lexicon of companies selling pricey "chocolate-covered espresso beans" as a way to make them sound fancier and more appealing than just "chocolate-covered coffee beans" (which is what they are).

Nevertheless, I use "espresso bean" in Coffee Crash precisely because Cochran, the CEO of the coffee retailer Bright Cup, is a consummate marketer.


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